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The June newsletter is all about WEIGHT LOSS.  Are you on the Roller coaster and can’t seem to get off because you lose it then, gain it back.  Summer is upon us, which means it’s vacation time and who doesn’t want to look good on the beach? We have numerous products, cleanses and services that will help you not only enjoy your summer but look good while doing it!

Colon Hydrotherapy 

What is it? A gentle, warm internal bath using purified water that assists in eliminating water that stored fecal matter, gas, mucous & toxic substances from the colon.
How will it help with weight loss? The colon is where waste from the body is stored, colon hydrotherapy will help flush out this waste, eliminate that bloated feeling, increase energy expenditure and regulate bowel movements.

Far Infrared Sauna

What is it? The far infrared sauna has the ability to systematically eliminate internal chemicals and heavy metal toxins, including mercury. This will lower the toxic environmental load that suppresses biological function, longevity and ultimately, human potential.
How will it help with weight loss? Toxins can play a significant role in preventing us from losing weight, the far infrared sauna helps swear out these toxins. Those wishing to lose weight should note that the cardiovascular effect from a single sauna is also quite effective at dealing with cellulite especially when combined with massage therapy and nutrition.

For our complete Doctor assisted Clinically proven Weight Loss & Regain Your Health Program.  Check out  IN.FORM on our website at www.Lisasnaturalpath.com
Every journey begins with a single step and making the decision to take back your health is a big step forward. With nearly every aspect of our environment affecting us, it’s making it increasingly harder to stay healthy. Currently 1 in 3 people are suffering from Metabolic Dysfunction and 3.5 Trillion dollars are spent globally, linked directly to the following three conditions:

  • 91 Million Americans are overweight or dangerously overweight.
  • 29 Million Americans suffer from unhealthy blood sugar levels, which quickly lead to other far more serious problems.
  • And when it comes to matters of the heart, 71 Million Americans have high cholesterol levels.
Stixated Water Bottle Sticks

What is it? Stixated is an appetite control berry flavored mix that you can add to your water and use for weight management
How will it help with weight loss? This mix contains Garcinia cambogia and chromium picolinate to help curb your appetite between meals. Stixated promotes satiety, helping you consume fewer calories throughout the day. It also promotes a feeling of fullness along with satisfying your cravings between meals.


Dieter’s Cleanse

What is it? Dieter’s cleanse is an essential first step in any weight management plan, for use between programs, or for use by any adult desiring periodic cleansing and detoxifying
How will it help with weight loss? Years of improper diet such as, refined foods, lower-fiber foods, and fast foods, that can cause an imbalance in the gut and digestive system. This imbalance can limit the body’s ability to fully absorb vital nutrients needed for optimal health.


June Events
Don’t forget Father’s Day is June 16

A great gift idea for Dad is a Gift Certificate for a 1 hour Relaxing Massage

Stop in and pick one up today!


 Full Summer Crop Share

LISA’S NATURAL PATH, Herb Shop & Wellness Center is proud to be the Butler drop off site for this wonderful co-op.
Would you like to save money on your Fruits, Veggies, Milk, Cheese, Greens, plus get products that are grown without chemicals and hormones?
Would you like to help out 19 local farms?

The Summer crop Share is upon us!
The Full Summer Share last 24 weeks and spans from June 12th to November 20th.

Check out their website for more information or to sign up at:  www.nwpagrowers.com

We offer Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography) by Three RIvers Thermography here at LISA’S NATURAL PATH once a month

  • Thermal imaging that’s able to detect the first signs that cancer may be forming up to 10 years before any other procedure can detect it!
  •  Next Date: Tuesday, June 11th
  • FDA approved , Painless & Radiation Free
  • By Appointment only
  • A better alternative to mammography
Our Newest product here at LISA’S NATURAL PATH

* Add it to your Protein Smoothies
* Take it on a spoon
* Add it to a warm beverage

Regular dose 1 TBS a day
For Memory or Brain
issues Dr. Lisa recommends 2-3 TBS a day.

We are collecting Non-perishable food items for the Evan’s City Food Cupboard.  This month they are asking for canned or bottled juices.   For every item you bring in you will get 1 entry into our monthly, Far Infrared Sauna session Drawing.  (value $30).  So go through your cupboards, see what you have, and bring it on in please!
The Mediterranean Diet is an appropriate starting point for many people who are looking to improve their body composition. This diet consists of eating plenty of vegetables, beans or lentils and fruit. It is important that food is fresh and unprocessed! Fish, eggs and lean cuts of poultry should be eaten 3-4 times per week. It is not necessary to minimize your fat intake, however to replace the junk food you can eat nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil. Lean red meats from pasteurized animals and/or game meat can be consumed in small amounts and if tolerated, cheese and yogurt from pastured cows can be consumed as well.
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