SmartMeal, Whey, Love & Peas or Nutri-Burn As directed on pkg.

  • Ultimate Green Zone / 1 scoop
  • Flaxseed Oil / 2-3 TBS.
  • Liquid Ionic Minerals / 2 TBS.
  • Sea Calcium Capsules / 2 caps
  • Thai-Go Antioxidant Juice / 4-8 TBS
  • Nature’s 3 Fiber / 1.5 Tsp.

Put liquids in blender first, add some fresh or frozen fruit (darker the berries, nicer the color) then add the powders and put enough purified water in to give you the consistency you like. Blend and drink.

The recipe makes a total of 28 ounces and is a perfectly balanced meal of carbohydrates, fats & protein.

If you drink the smoothie every day like I do, you do not have to take an additional Multi Vitamin/Mineral supplement, Essential Fatty Acids, Fiber, or Antioxidant formula so it takes place of 4 products in the 6 Everyday Basics. Just add your Probiotic 11, Proactazyme (Digestive Enzyme) caps and any other supplements to your smoothie and you won’t have to pop so many pills.

The 7 Nature’s Sunshine Ingredients are formulated for a 150 lb. person. You will want to increase dosages on the ingredients if you weigh more.

If your digestive tract is not up to par, you may not be able to finish the whole smoothie at one meal, so divide it up throughout your day and make sure you take your Digestive Enzymes to improve your digestion.


Put in Blender

  • 1 LB. Real Butter (brought to room temperature)
  • 14 ounces of Flax Seed Oil

Blend until mixed and pour into Glass or Polycarbonate container. Store in Refrigerator. Comes out soft & ready to spread.  1/2 fat and calories of butter and tastes great. All the healthy Essential fatty acids from Flax.