Skin Care

Skin Cancer can be deadly and not to be taken lightly. There are many types and causes: Too much sun exposure, Using chemical based: Make-ups, Sunscreens, Shower gels, Lotions, Not taking Anti-Oxidant supplements, Not doing a whole body cleanse every season, Tanning in Tanning beds, etc. anything you put on your skin goes directly into your blood stream. Your skin is the Largest eliminating organ so if you are having any skin issues your Body is not detoxifying as it Should through other areas like Lungs, Bowels, Urinary tract, etc…Yes having the small area surgically removed can help depending on what type of skin cancer it is but, Remember ALL SKIN CANCER COMES FROM WITHIN and if you have SKIN CANCER YOU HAVE A PROBLEM INTERNALLY. The whole body needs detoxified gently first so the Eliminating organs can filter out the chemicals properly, Second, Stop using the chemicals of any kind: make-up, cleaning products, deoderants switch to all natural,Third, start taking Anti-oxidants: my favorite is Thai-go juice with the main ingredient is mangosteen berries from Thailand which scavenge the free radicals. Fourth, Protect your skin with Natural, chemical free Sunscreens which we have always in stock at LISA’S NATURAL PATH, Fifth have 3
Colon Hydrotherapy sessions to clean the entire colon plus the walls so that the other organs can now detoxify better.