Certified Herbalist Course

Dr. Lisa Kellerman, N.D., is an Instructor for the Natural Solutions Training Institute and offers a Certified Herbalist Course by home study.

You will learn the basics of Six main topics: Single Herbs & Essential Oils, Combination Herbs, Vitamins, Body Systems, Iridology & Kinesiology. You will learn how to help yourself, your family & friends with their ailments using the above safely and effectively. This course is essential for everyone who wants to learn more about Natural Health.

The Home Study Course has a non-refundable fee of only $399. (plus Shipping/Handling, if applicable). The fee includes instruction by the lending of Dr. Kellermans instructional DVD’s, Correction of homework, Answers to questions, Textbooks, Workbook and Certificate of Completion is received if all the homework is turned in and completed to satisfaction. There is a 6 month completion time for the course but usually a student can complete each segment in one week.

To Register: Click on the button below and print out the form, complete it, send it along with the fee and mail to the address on the form. Materials have to be ordered in advance, so send the completed form in 1 month before wanting to start course.