The Truth About Cholesterol

Why don’t doctors, surgeons, hospitals, drug companies – or anyone else in the mainstream medical industry – tell you the truth about cholesterol?

And why wouldn’t they want you to know that cholesterol- lowering statin drugs come with a huge list of side-effects – including heart failure?

Or that 75% of folks who have heart attacks actually have NORMAL levels of cholesterol anyway?

Simple: Because when you don’t take their drugs… or when you prevent disease or heal yourself naturally… they don’t make a red cent!

Instead, they’ve made cholesterol the villain of the piece – in order to fuel a multi-billion pound anti-cholesterol industry… when, in fact, cholesterol is the good guy and is essential for good heart health!

But perhaps even more important than this, they don’t tell you that statins seriously deplete your body of CoQ10.

CoQ10 is the vital heart nutrient that naturally PREVENTS heart attacks and strokes by stopping inflammation in your arteries, lowering blood pressure and rejuvenating heart cells.

One in three people over the age of 45 currently take statins – that’s a staggering 7 million people.

But all these people – and you may be one of them – are putting themselves at risk.

Here’s just one example…

By blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver, statins also block the production of Coenzyme-Q10 (CoQ10). A Columbia University study found that CoQ10 levels were reduced by HALF after only 30 days of statin treatments.

People who take statins need to know this, because CoQ10 is vital for producing muscular energy. And a lack of this nutrient can cause the heart (which is a muscle) to function improperly, resulting in heart failure.

However, very few doctors who prescribe these drugs make this known to their patients!

Researchers have also discovered that if your levels of CoQ10 drop by as much as 75%, then it’s ‘game over’, I’m afraid.

And yet, by the time we reach 80 years old, our ability to produce CoQ10 has plummeted by 65% anyway… so just imagine what’s going to happen if you’re approaching 80 AND also taking statins!

But, did your doctor warn you about this…?

So, if you still believe you should be taking a statin drug, now you know that it is imperative for you to also supplement with CoQ10.

CoQ10 has been described as the most stunning advance in natural medicine in the last 33 years.

I only recommend CoQ10 by Nature’s Sunshine Products because it is Standardized & Pharmaceutical grade:

  • 8 times more energy coursing through your veins
  • 8 times more protection for your heart and arteries
  • 8 times more anti-ageing benefits for your brain, skin, hair, eyes . . . and pretty much every other vital function in your body!

Not to mention 8 times more protections against statins and good for Weight Loss! I take it and don’t even have high cholesterol but I love the other benefits. Dosage: CoQ10 – 75 mg. Take 1 with each meal for a normal dosage for a 150 lb. person.

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Dr. Lisa Kellerman, N.D.