Seven Contributing Factors to Illness

1 – Genetics

Most of us are born with weakness due to choices or conditions of our parents and grandparents. The health, or lack of it is passed down from generation to generation. Good NEWS: you can control it!

2 – Ignorance and Apathy

If you ignore your health, it will go away. Most people are in denial about their health conditions. They think that the symptoms of illness are normal, hen in fact they are really their body’s way of screaming for help.

3 – Nutritional advice from incorrect sources

If you are seeking nutritional advice it is wise to get it from those who have studied nutrition.

4 – Adverse Drug Reactions

“Drug-related morbidity and mortality have been estimated to cost more than $135 billion a year in the United States. Adverse Drug Reactions may account for up to 140,000 deaths annually in the US” JAMA 1997, 227(4): 301

5 – Mind / Body / Spirit Connection

The body functions as a whole unit even within the physical structure. For example, when we have heart problems that cause the heart muscle to pump less blood to our body tissues, every muscle, joint, bone, organ and cell suffers because it is receiving less blood, oxygen, and nourishment.

6 – Stress = Distress

  • Mental Stress: problems at work, High-pressure situations, worry
  • Emotional Stress: Family struggles, marriage, divorce, grief or loss, past hurts left unforgiven
  • Physical Stress: Sports or other injuries, surgeries, over-exertion, lack of sleep
  • Environmental Stress: Air pollution, Pesticides, herbicides, preservatives & additives in foods
  • Spiritual Stress: unrest in beliefs, spiritual battles, unresolved issues/questions
  • Nutritional Stress: Not digesting food, not absorbing food, not eliminating waste

7 – Obesity

97.1 million adults offer 20 years of age in the US are overweight according to the Center for Disease Control. More than 50% of US population! We are not unhealthy because we have weight problems; we have weight problems because we are unhealthy.

The Result:

Like an onion, all of these contributing factors to illness add layers over out inner core of health. Over time, the layers become so deep that we forget what we used to feel like when we were healthy. How many layers do you have left? Think of all the foods left undigested, all the toxins building up, every injury you may have sustained, every emotional stress… These layers contribute to toxic build-up and malnourishment of body tissues. Peel the layers away and begin to build a healthy and vital body again!