Many of Dr. Kellerman’s clients and patients have kindly shared their stories and experiences with their health challenges, their recoveries and their maintenance. It is the hope of Dr. Kellerman and all of the practitioners of Lisa’s Natural Path, Herb Shoppe & Wellness Center that these personal accounts will challenge, motivate and inspire you.

I Can Sleep Through the Entire Night Now

Was previously diagnosed with IBS, Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic gout and also had little to no energy after work. After using CBD Hemp bomb capsules for just 1 week I have normal B.M’s, a lot less pain with arthritis, no chronic gout pain, more energy and can sleep through the entire night now. – Sharon

Remained Headache Free

“I have had daily headaches for years but have remained headache free with daily gummies” – Dianna V.

We as Parents See a Huge Change

“One 8 year old, two 9 year old’s with severe ADHD and one 11 year old. Started in January using CBD oil, we as parents see a huge change, along with both principles and teachers.” -client

CBD Hemp Bomb Capsules  Totally Changed My Life

“Going on 16 years with fibromyalgia. In 2017 I started on CBD Hemp Bomb capsules. Totally changed my life. Have less pain, and a much quicker recovery time! Tried other types of CBD and none worked as good as the Hemp Bomb.” – A.J.

CBD Gummies

“Was on muscle relaxants but still in pain constantly, got CBD gummies and within a week noticed right away how well they worked!” – Margery

My Journey for Better Natural Health

I began my journey for better natural health December of 2017 after thanksgiving. For years I struggled with my weight and allergies, as well as, nagging ailments, such as dry itchy skin, moodiness, restless sleep, and just feeling lack of energy. I suffered with colds, sinus infections, headaches, bloating, feeling sluggish, excessive nasal drainage and excessive mucus, when I came to Dr. Lisa I did not know what to expect, I’ve been to medical doctors and had little results. In 5 months I’ve seen a huge difference, more energy, less moodiness, no more dry itchy skin, decrease in mucus, my allergies reduced, decrease in bloating, headaches are gone, I’m able to fight off a sinus infection without antibiotics, clearer skin and I lost 35 pounds from 213 to 178. Yes, I have a ways to go and a full change takes a year, but through change in eating more clean you’re removing toxins. The advice of Dr. Lisa, her NAET treatments, along with exercise, proper supplements, and cleanses I know I will achieve great health. Thank you Dr. Lisa and staff!” – Shane P. Parsell

A Mother’s Story, by Rachel Powell

About less than two years ago I went in for my normal Pap test. It came back very bad. In fact it was so bad that they said if it was not cervical cancer it was so close to being it that the treatment options would be the same. They also said that this was very fast moving because I had a pap about a year and a half before that was completely normal. We needed to do something now.

They wanted to do a LEEP procedure, which is where they cut a chunk of my cervix off. The doctor said she was going to do this because she thought that I wanted to have more children. I can not imagine what they would have wanted to do if I said I was done having children!

It just so happened that (I believe the Lord had led in this which is just awesome!) I happened to start studying herbs and natural health about 6 months to a year before this. That could not be a coincidence because my God is too cool for it to be a coincidence. I knew enough to know that cutting a piece of my body off was not going to solve anything. What caused this? It was not a lack of surgery. I was told it was from having 4 children so close together (right now the oldest four children are 9,8,4,2 years). I knew enough to know that God gave us herbs for medicine according to the Bible.

I turned down the doctor’s help and boy were they mad!

So, I started changing my diet instead of taking the doctors prescribed treatment and began taking herbs. I started going to herb classes at Lisa’s Natural Path in Butler County, Pennsylvania and the people helped me so much.

I ended up getting pregnant during this time, which was considered a REALLY bad thing to do because of my health. The procedure that they wanted to do would “terminate” the pregnancy they said.

I went back for another test in April and here is what the letter from the hospital said… “Dear Ms. R.P. , Your recent Pap test sent to us by your Doctors’ office has been reported as normal.”

I ended up better and with a beautiful, beautiful baby boy. How’s that for a blessing from God?

Impressive Progress, by Karen Landers

Dr. Lisa: I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell how I am doing and how much I appreciate all the information and guidance you have given me in the last few months. After using the CleanStart Program I thought that would be it I felt great not only bodily but self-satisfied that I had stopped taking many prescription medications and I knew all the synthetic materials were out of my body. It did not stop there! You have made me more aware of the everyday foods which may not be the best for me and I feel great! I am pleased to say coffee does not even appeal to me and the incredible “sweet tooth” has become non existent. My husband thinks I lost a lot more weight than I actually have because my clothes fit much better and I did drop a jean size. Again I thank you for all you have helped me with!

Story by Sandy B.

When I came to Lisa’s Natural Path about a year ago, I was having what I believed were seasonal allergies with watery eyes and a swollen face at times. I had taken prescriptions for a while but they helped briefly.

I filled out the usual first time patient papers, sharing any issues I had. My other main concerns were heart burn that seemed to be occurring almost daily and headaches that were occurring more often and lasting for several days.

Dr. Lisa checked me for allergies. The NAET method is totally painless and quick. I was sensitive to a number of foods and also some environmental things… she said that I could take allergy treatments that would eliminate those things and I should feel much better. I went home and thought about this for a couple of weeks. We had a lot of work to do. I decided to give the treatments a try. BUT if I didn’t notice a difference I would not continue.

The first thing I noticed was the headaches were totally gone after a few sessions and my stomach began to feel better after each treatment. Now I feel almost 100% life my old self. It took time and it was an expense. In my view, it was so worth it. After all, we paid over $2000 for a new frig that I stored the food in that was making me sick. Nothing can take the place of feeling healthy.

Aside from that, I feel extra blessed because I have met a good Doctor and a wonderful caring friend.

Thank you so much to Dr. Lisa and her staff.

Story by Pam Eckert

My story begins in February of 2009; I had become extremely sick to my stomach-cramps-bloating-nausea. I would have chronic diarrhea at least 7-8 times a day. It did not matter what I ate- it was going through me. Finally in March I was diagnosed with Giardia– a bacteria infection from contaminated water.

With major doses of antibiotics the infection was cleared, However, I was no better. I still had all the symptoms. For months the doctors tested me for colitis, cancer, Crohns. I had every part of my large and small intestines tested and all the tests would come back negative. But I was NOT getting any better. Through trial and error and reading about Giardia on the Internet, I had noticed that certain food groups would make me even sicker that I was. I had become lactose intolerant, could not digest anything that came from a cow or pig and anything with sugars in it. Between the Giardia and the antibiotics, all of my good bacteria had been removed from my system. Not having good bacteria opens up your body to many complications.

In June the doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me and I was to eat more yogurts and he prescribed a pill to take that was for lowering your blood pressure and a side effect from it was that it would make you constipated. however, there was nothing wrong with my blood pressure. And I knew that becoming constipated was not going to solve my problems.

In July I decided I could not live like this anymore and I contacted Dr. Lisa Kellerman, hoping to get some relief. After doing her scan, testing my saliva and urine, she determined I had a high level of yeast in my body brought on by not having any good bacteria to fight it off. We started a program of major diet changes and supplements to rid my body of the yeast and get my good bacteria built back up.

After a month or so, the yeast was gone; however, I was still having trouble digesting dairy, beef, pig, and sugars. We then decided to start the NAET treatments to address the food allergens. I will admit I was skeptic at first. But after being treated for dairy and able to ear a yogurt, a DQ sundae and a grilled cheese the week following the dairy treatments, I was a total believer. had I eaten those foods prior to my NAET treatment, I would have been doubled over with cramps and extremely sick to my stomach with diarrhea.

A few weeks later we treated the beef allergen with much success.

It is now October and we still have a few more allergens to treat, but I feel I’m definitely on the right path to becoming my old self again and enjoying all the foods that I could eat prior to my bacterial infection thanks to Dr. Kellerman